Waste Heat Recover

Location Battle Creek & Kalamazoo, MI
Challenge Area paper manufacturer was looking for a reduction in manufacturing costs through energy savings. For corporate approval, a short payback period was required.
Solution Option was available to utilize the boiler high flue gas temperatures through a Condensing Economizer to heat water for Boiler Feedwater and to cycle back to their manufacturing process, thus significantly reducing their natural gas usage. Monarch worked closely with equipment manufacturer, engineering firm and plant personnel to plan pipe routing, equipment and platform installation, etc. Actual energy and cost savings at the Kalamazoo Facility have been 33% greater than projected. ​ Waste Heat Recovery is an opportunity for many industries including Paper, Chemical, Petroleum, Steel, etc. For most Boilers, 20% or more of purchased energy is lost as exhaust. Other Waste Heat sources include ovens, dryers, incinerators, thermal oxidizers and paper machines. Capturing and reusing this energy represents the largest single possible energy efficiency gain for most industries. Another benefit to Waste Heat Recovery is reduced flue gas temperatures, providing a reduction to CO₂ emissions. Case studies are available from many industries for review of actual annual savings.